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k-pop machine
korea made magic pop macine

K-Pop Machine creates pop cakes only with heat and pressure without frying. Pellets made with grain can be transformed into pope cake using the K-Pop Machine, and it is inexpensive and has low calories. Because you can enjoy the pop cake with various toppings for it to be sold as breakfast or snack, making its re-purchase rate very high (Bread 110Cal. / POP CAKE 19 Cal.)


Also, pop cake can be easily developed with K-Pop, and its facilities investment and production

cost is very low with simple production line, making development in small sized factories possible. Currently, the K-Pop machine is exported to over 30 countries in the world, for successful businesses of supermarkets, factories, franchises, etc. rice cake machine, rice pop machine, magic pop machine

popping cake machine installation in supermarket
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