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samsung food machine

Hello, this is Park Geum-ok of Samsung Food Machine.


Established in 2006, Samsung Food Machine, and has been professionally manufacturing pop cake machines. Through continued technological development and quality management, we have expanded the market all over the world, to over 30 countries, amounting to over 1,000 units.


From the beginning, we have focused on the international market to develop the pop cake machine, and have obtained international certifications such as CE, GOST, CETL, ISO, etc. Because we are registered as an FTA certified exporter, member countries of EU, USA, and ASEAN can obtain FTA advantages.


Samsung Food Machine will continue the effort and will maintain being humble.


Thank you.

Sincerely, Park Geum-ok 

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rice pop machine installed in supermarket
rice pop machine
pop cake machine factory
korea popping machine
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