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Samsung Food Machine has been manufacturing the professional rice cake machine producing delicious pop cakes since 2006. The K-POP Pop Cake Machines are widely installed at the variety of places such as mega supermarkets, expressway rest areas, major department stores, thousands of street stalls and any places you may want name on, wherever peoples get together.

rice cake machine installation in korea

The pop cakes produced with raw material of wheat (grain) pellets by the K-POP Pop Cake Machine using only heat and pressure are the one of best favorite snacks favored by every Koreans with its soft and crispy flavor. rice cake machine, rice pop machine, magic pop machine

how to pop the pellet

The pop cakes produced by variety of manufacturers ranging from those small local peddlers all the way up to big size factories are sold everywhere in Korea, mega- supermarkets, small mom-and-pop commodity stores, resorts and any places with tremendous popularity.

popping rice cake in supermarket
korea rice cake machine in supermarket at canada

Samsung Food Machine has developed the elegantly styled, advanced products aiming on international market since the initial phase of development beginning 2006 securing the safety and durability, and now has been selling to over 30 countries in the world successfully managing the business. rice cake machine

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