K-POP Twin Popping Machine

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Our newly launched K-POP Twin Popping Machine is compact and can be installed anywhere and can be operated with 900w of power.

And because there is no loud noise and no smoke, it is suitable for store use.

In addition, when the product is popped, the shock is not severe and there is no breakdown often, so it can be used at the factory for 24 hours.

The size of the popped product is 50~60mm (2~2.4 inch) and can produce about 900 pieces per hour.

K-POP - twin Specification

Size: 350mm(L) X 480mm(H)(660mm with hopper) X 300mm(W)

(13.7inch(L) X 18.9inch(H)(26inch with hopper) X 11.8inch(W))

Weight: 45kg

Motor: 900w(Single Phase)

Electric: 220V / 50 or 60Hz

Working capacity: 2pcs every 8.0sec

Material: 100% of Wheat pellet

Size of Cake: D: 50-60mm * T: 2mm

(D: 1.96-2.36inch * T : 0.078inch)

Capacity: 900pcs / hour

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