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Twin magic pop production line

Twin magic pop production line

We are building a production line in Korea using more than 60 twin pop machines.

This production line can produce 54,000 50-60 mm(1.96~2.36 inch) pop cakes per hour.

Magic pop production line
Korean pop cake production line

This mini popping machine can produce 900 products per hour per unit.

Because it is made using pellets, the product is soft and small, so it produces pop cakes with less than 10 calories per piece.

Korean magic pop cake machine
Mini pop cake machine

Magic pop production line being built in Korea

By simply using a conveyor, you can build a production line capable of mass production.

K-POP - twin Specification

Size: 350mm(L) X 480mm(H)(660mm with hopper) X 300mm(W)

(13.7inch(L) X 18.9inch(H)(26inch with hopper) X 11.8inch(W))

Weight: 45kg

Motor: 900w(Single Phase)

Electric: 220V / 50 or 60Hz

Working capacity: 2pcs every 8.0sec

Material: 100% of Wheat pellet

Size of Cake: D: 50-60mm * T: 2mm

(D: 1.96-2.36inch * T : 0.078inch)

Capacity: 900pcs / hour

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K-Pop machine




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